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A Green Space is a Healthy Place

Plant Life of Sydney brings you closer to nature & helps create a greener future for our city.

Our Offerings

Welcome to Plant Life of Sydney, where nature's beauty meets your space. 

We create lush green spaces with our bespoke plant design, styling, and curation services.

Our passion lies in adorning your surroundings sustainably, ethically all while casting a unique and vibrant charm to your space. 

Plants breathe vitality into spaces, improving air quality and fostering a sense of well-being. Experience boosted productivity and reduced stress as nature thrives beside you.


Created by Sarah Lale

Founder & chief propagation enthusiast at Plant Life of Sydney

Biophillic Reality
Solar Punk Futurist
Food Forest Farmer

Dedicated to spreading seeds and increasing the diversity of plant life within our urban ecosystems. Driven by the deep belief that a greener city will create a healthier city! Every leaf nurtures a healthier, more vibrant cityscape, creating a harmonious haven where people and plants flourish together.



Inner West, Sydney


0491 737 826



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